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Subscription to the GMIWC Postal Constituent

Image of Subscription to the GMIWC Postal Constituent


W E S T E R N c i v i l i z a t i o n POSTAL
Constituent is a bi-monthly comic publication and Postal Phenomenon. For every other month of this year long subscription you will receive a new comic in the mail inspired by the foibles of Western history. The comics point out, poke fun and commiserate with historical figures as they struggle to balance intellectual pursuits with common sense. The Postal Constituent promises to help you come to terms with the Western Canon through periodic inoculation.

Subscriptions come with a membership card and welcome letter,

Gift subscriptions come with an additional celebratory card (Image shows our holiday card but we make different cards for different occasions!) Make sure to include your email and we will contact you to confirm the name and address of the recipient.