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Individual Back Issues of the Postal Constituent

Image of Individual Back Issues of the Postal Constituent


1. Bestiary of Ordinary Americans...$4.00
This full color booklet observes the pathetic lives of ordinary Americans in their natural habitats.
4" x 6", 16 pages, Full Color

2. Chicago: From the Swamp to the Slaughter House...$4.00
A short full color comic about the dark history of Chicago. Includes a fold-out double sided print

3. The Seven Liberal Arts...$4.00
This comic reimagines the seven liberal arts as levels of Dante's Purgatory. Red cover, black and white interior, 28 pages

4. Rathbun Builds Buffalo...$2.00
An oversized two-color newsprint comic that tells the story of a 1830s Buffalo developer who built 99 buildings in a single year before being arrested for fraud.

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